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Make Wood Good Supply CPES in the UK and Europe

Exitm, trading as Make Wood Good Uk, Limited (Registered in England with number 1287422) are the UK and European distributors for the products of Smith and Co. We are a small family business, passionate about natural wood, and doing things right first time. We registered for VAT on the 21st of July 2020, and will supply invoices with VAT displayed separately from that date.
If you want to learn more about us, check out our about page here.

Partner in Europe

In Europe we partner with Lignu, based in Scandinavia, they can supply much of Europe as well. They can be found here: Lignu – Internet Shop

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Make Wood Good Ltd.
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 28 reviews
by RD on Make Wood Good Ltd.

Excellent service, excellent product will purchase again in the future

by David Nichols on Make Wood Good Ltd.
CPES Fantastic wood rescue

Found this on a Google search, rang the company for advise and ordered some to repair a plywood ramp on my box trailer. CPES is even better than I hoped it was, the plywood is now rock hard and reusable. It was easy to use but work in a ventilated space as the solvent is quite strong.

by Kai Yee on Make Wood Good Ltd.
MakeWoodGood Smith’s CPES

Excellent service. Email queries answered promptly. Happy with my purchase of CPES which turns decayed wood into something like a coating of non-rotting ‘plastic’ has to be good.

by Jeremy Wood on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Good Product. Good Service

I bought both CPES and Layup and Laminating Epoxy. Both products work really well and have allowed me to fix up my rotting workskshop.

The service was excellent. I had some problems which were solved quickly with a quick email to MakeWoodGood

by George Seymour on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Great for Restoring rotten windows.

Originally ordered in 2017, but took so long to arrive (posted via Belgium due to postage regulations on CPES - so went via 3 different postal systems instead of one and took over a month to arrive) I had to make other repairs.

Finally was able to use the kit CPES and small (12 oz) filler. Also ordered 2 pt filler.

Used it to restore several well rotted sash windows, both sashs and the sills, first removed all the old filler I'd had to use previously, then used CPES to strengthen remaining timber forming remains of tenon joints, put in dowls and replaced all the missing timber using Smiths Fill-it Epoxy filler working into all the joints, old bolt holes (had used metal plates to hold joints together), dowls and voids, on the stiles and rail at bottom of each sash. Also used both to rebuild the bottom corners of the sash frames.

Finally painted the frames and sashs white as they live in south facing positions and are subject to very strong and hot sunshine often reaching well over 40 deg C.

Still have quite a lot CPES and Fill-it Epoxy left and still have 5 more windows in varying states of repair to attend to.

Main advantage of this system is the working life of the mixed products, (an hour plus against 5' for other products).

In order to accurately mix products I use some medical measures for the CPES to mix between 10 - 30 ml of each, and a set of scales which measure up to 200 grams by 0.01 grams, for the Fill-it Epoxy.

Made up a table using a spread sheet to calculate required weights of component B relative to component A ranging from 2.5 grams to 50 grams by 2.5 steps, so easy to mix relevant amounts according to the job in hand.

Use a small double ended metal scraper to both extract fill-it, mix it, and then fill holes. Using an old piece of plastic sheet cut from old icecream lid as a pallet for the mixing. Can get very accurate amounts and little waste which, considering the cost of the kit, is necessary for someone working on a budget but requiring perfect results.

Can also use the Fill-it epoxy for modeling and fixing other items other than wood so useful to have as a general purpose glue.

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