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Dedicated to making wood a viable, beautiful, maintainable and durable material

Make Wood Good Supply CPES in the UK and Europe

Who are We? Make Wood Good Ltd (Registered in England with number 1287422) are the UK and European distributors for the products of Smith and Co. We are a small family business, passionate about natural wood, and doing things right first time. We registered for VAT on the 21st of July 2020, and will supply invoices with VAT displayed separately from that date.

Products: Steve Smith is the scientist behind Smith and Co. and is the creator of their range of sealants and adhesives. It is the intention of Make Wood Good Ltd. to stock the entire range of products produced by Smith and Co. which are listed here:

In addition we stock  a few other high quality products, such as Varnish, Sealants, Backer rod, Gloves and ancillaries which you may require to complete your job.

If you want something we don’t stock, we will try to get it for you.

Why ‘Make Wood Good’?

We love wood, and believe that many more people would use this lovely material if it’s maintenance requirements were lower. Lower maintenance wood is good wood, that will be used by more people. High maintenance requirements encourage people to choose UPVC over wooden windows. Reducing that maintenance encourages more use of wooden windows. CPES completely cures premature varnish failure. This drastically reduces maintenance costs of painted or varnished timber as a result.

So Why Smiths Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer™ (CPES™)?

I have used this remarkable product, also known as CPES™ in America and Lignu Impregnating Epoxy in Scandinavia, for a number of years now. I have used it for both restoration of rotten wood and preservation of new wood as the ultimate primer; for this second purpose it is marketed in America as  ‘MultiWoodPrime™’. CPES and MultiWoodPrime are exactly the same product, labelled to convey the two distinct functions it performs so well. Manufacturers of wooden products can use it to enhance their reputations by massively extending the life of their products whilst reducing the maintenance costs of the paint or varnish finish.

It has never been easy to buy in the UK, and with some major restoration work due on my house, from the priming of new oak window frames to the restoration and repair of softwood and hardwood structural timbers, I had to acquire some more. After a short while I had my Victor Kiam / Remington moment, and not having enough money to ‘buy the company I liked so much’, decided to establish a distribution arrangement instead.

Shipping CPES to the UK and Europe

We are based in England, and can supply across the whole of Europe. The distributers listed at the bottom can cover many other areas. Shipping costs will make small orders prohibitive to some parts of the world. Shipping costs are calculated during checkout. You may gain an idea of likely costs from our Shipping and Handling page.

Wholesale: Wholesale supply agreements are available for retailers wishing to stock these remarkable products.

Uses of Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer

Preservation – As a Primer For Wood

Application of Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES or MultiWoodPrime) to new timber offers some remarkable advantages to anything constructed from wood. It creates a breathable sealant, penetrating deeply into new timber, especially on vulnerable areas such as end grain. Used as the ultimate primer it promotes adhesion of your top coat, making it last much longer and reducing maintenance costs. This saves time, money and the environment. From boats to window frames, it’s just solid commercial sense, do it once, do it right, make wood good!

Manufacturing – Priming New Exterior Wood To Increase Durability

If you are manufacturing wooden products, how well they last and how good they look defines the quality of your product. Application of MultiWoodPrime at manufacture will offer an additional revenue stream for your joinery shop. It will enhance your reputation for quality and durability and customer satisfaction. Further it will significantly reduce the maintenance costs of your product if it is exposed to the elements.
Ideally suited to anyone manufacturing: Doors, Window Frames, Outdoor Furniture, Sheds, Gates, Timber (or part timbered) Buildings.

Bulk Packs for Manufacturers. Larger sizes of most products are available for use by manufacturing businesses wishing to offer these remarkable products to their customers. If you make wooden doors, windows, sheds, fences or any other wood products that are exposed to the elements, then please contact us for further details. The longer your product lasts and looks good, the better it reflects on you.

Restoration – Curing Rot, Consolidating and Recovering Profiles

Restore don’t replace.
It saves time, money and the environment all at once.
Damaged wood can be made good, and resistant to further attack by rot and insects using a combination of CPES and Fill-It. Make Wood Good sell dedicated repair kits to affect repairs to rotten timbers and masonry cracks at a discounted price.

Technical Assistance

Make Wood Good pride ourselves on our technical assistance for all classes of restoration projects, including Maritime, Property Repair and historic building restoration.

Further we can provide assistance with new build exterior timber projects to reduce maintenance requirements and enhance durability of the finished product, and it’s paint or varnish finish.

There are real people on the phone on +44 (0)1732 824 700. Use the contact us form to discuss by email.

Which Countries can we supply to:

Make Wood Good can supplyto the following regions: England, Scotland, Wales. European supply is not currently possible. We hope to be able to resume supply soon.


Smith and Co. have a number of distributors. We work together to distribute these products as effectively, and to as many destinations, as we can.

Distributors exist in the following areas. Please click on the links to go directly to their home page if these areas are appropriate for you.

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Make Wood Good Ltd.
Average rating:  
 36 reviews
 by Nick W
Epoxy Filler

Sept 2021: Used in the repair of sash window's and sills.
Absolutely superb product to use, straightforward to apply, easy to sand and overcoated with oil based paints very well, its not cheap, but I’m very pleased with the results.

 by Mike Clay
Caravan repair

Due to a leaking sink tap the wood floor of my touring caravan and surrounding wood frame, rotted. I was quoted £900 but using Smiths CPES I managed to save the frame and the floor of the cupboard. The CPES melted the foam insulation under the floor but I was able to inject new fire proof foam into the cavity. The final result is strong and totally undetectable. I am very pleased as it has cost me around £150 thereby saving me £750 and I have about half of the CPES left which I shall use on my wooden garden shed.

 by Keith
clear penetrating epoxy

First time I've used it but it seems to do what it says on the tin, an excellent product and great service from the supplier. It's just a little bit on the expensive side, I suppose its because ti's come from the US. cheers Keith.

 by Chris Sanders
Aprilia tuono

A1 service! Saved me a lot of money just replacing the seals. They kept me well informed on my order and the fitting instructions are brilliant. I will definitely be recommending you guys. Many thanks.

 by Richard

I had a 100 year old wooden garden seat belonging to my grandparents which had rotted to pieces. With the help of the products supplied by Makewoodgood I now have a garden seat that looks as if it had just been bought!
This could not have happened without their products nor their invaluable help when I needed it. I wish I could add a photo of it now. It looks fantastic!

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