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Preservation – The Worlds Best Primer For Varnish

The Ultimate Primer. Protect Wood, Make Paint and Varnish Last Longer

New Wood Penetration 350 by 230

Application of Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES or MultiWoodPrime) to new timber offers some remarkable advantages to anything constructed from wood. It creates a breathable sealant, penetrating deeply into new timber, especially on vulnerable areas such as end grain. The image shows dyed (CPES is clear) CPES penetration into plantation grown softwood from end grain. Used as the ultimate primer it promotes adhesion of your top coat, making it last much longer and reducing maintenance costs. This saves time, money and the environment. From boats to window frames, it’s just solid commercial sense, do it once, do it right! If you are sick of your varnish finishes failing after a year or two – try the worlds best primer for varnish next time.

Smiths Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer will also stop knots bleeding, and is far easier to sand after priming than thinned varnish coats.

It’s deep penetration enhances the grain whilst protecting the timber and the varnish or paint – it is the perfect primer.

How Do I Do This?

cpes primed varnish finish on restored wood

We have just published detailed instructions on how to prime and varnish for ultimate durability and varnish life. Our house sign was the subject of this restoration.

We restored it from badly aged bare wood back to the wonderful lustrous highly UV resistant specimen you see here.

Read all about how to achieve this look, and the specific benefits of priming for varnish with Smiths CPES in our article restoring our exterior wooden sign.

This story will be kept updated as time takes it’s toll on the timber and varnish. Records of new applications of varnish and annual photographs will be added to give you the confidence that this really works.

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