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Crack Repair Kits

We stock a selection of high performance crack repair kits designed for specific purposes.

Crack Repair Kits Contents

Those crack repair kits use high performance polyurethane sealers or modern hybrid sealers in conjunction with specific surface treatments to ensure that the sealer bonds permanently to the substrate. The Crack repair kits are all supplied with backer rod, which minimised use of the sealant and helps to ensure that the repair is performed properly.

3m 5200 polyurethane sealant adhesive

backer rod crack repair kits

The choice of Caulk / Sealer in our Crack repair kits

We offer a choice of sealants in our crack repair kits to accomodate different levels of movement in the joint.

This is a mechanical issue. Consider taking a rubber pencil eraser – and trying to compress it by ten percent. You would need enormous force. You would need the same force to extend it by ten percent as well. If you are repairing a crack in a rendered surface – then remember that mortar has almost no tensile strength at all (it is hard to crush, but very easy to pull apart).

You minimise the force required to have your sealant expand or contract by 10% (which is only 1mm movement in a 10mm wide bed of sealant let us remember) by:

  • Making the sealant bed as shallow as can be. Backer rod allows us to have a convex backed bed of sealant with a flat surface that mey only be a few mm thick. This will minimise both the sealant required to fill the crack (cost) and the effectivness of the repair (minimal force to adapt to the crack movements means maximum durability of the crack repair kit as the crack moves)
  • Choosing a more flexible seanant. We offer the much more expensive 3M 5200 in our crack repair kits for very mobile cracks. It is more awkward to applybut much more flexible to minimise forces as cracks open and close

The sealant is bonded extremely strongly to the substrate by the use of a specialised primer for the substrate. Each crack repair kit comes with a specialised primer.

The use of the sealant is minimised by the careful use of Backer rod which is also supplied with our crack repair kits. Minimal use of sealant also makes for more durable repairs by minimising forces generated as the joint moves.

Timber Crack Repair Kits

Our timber crack repair kit is designed to permanently seal cracks in large sections of timber, or the joints between sections of timber. These are situations regularly found in timber framed houses, and reducing the ingress of water through these openings can significantly affect both the moisture levels inside the house, and the life of your timber frame. The kits consist of the sealant, backer rod and most importantly a primer to ensure that the sealant stays stuck to the substrate. That primer is our Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer – CPES. This offers excellent adhesion for everything from varnish to polyurethane or hybrid sealants.

Full instructions for repairing cracks in timber sections or timber frames and joints can be found by clicking here.

Render Crack Repair Kits

Our render crack repair kit is designed to permanently repair cracks in rendered or stucco walls. The use of high adhesion flexible fillers, and correct application of those materials, ensures that the movement that generated the crack in the first place is accommodated by repair. The guaranteed adhesion of those sealers by the use of a highly specialised primer, our damp concrete primer, ensures that the sealant stays stuck to the render. Use of Backer rod and care will ensure that as the crack opens and closes the flexible sealant will accomodate the movement without exceeding the tensile strength of the render, which isn’t very high at all.

Full instructions for repairing cracks in rendered walls can be found by clicking here.