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MultiWoodPrime – The worlds best wood primer

Seal wood with MultiWoodPrime to maximise life and cure paint or varnish failure. The permanent sealer is simply the worlds best wood primer

  • chemically bonds to the structure of the wood, made largely from natural wood resin
  • chemically bonds the top coat of paint or varnish to the timber
  • simply the best wood primer there is as it chemically bonds paint to the top layers of wood fibres
  • as flexible as the wood itself
  • allows the wood to breathe
  • seals porosity and stabilises wood
  • resists rot and decay
  • reduces maintenance costs dramatically
MultiWoodPrime the worlds best wood primer

 Why MultiWoodPrime?

The chemist who originally formulated CPES had always known that it was a superior primer and why. He had not, however, realized that so many consumers were now using it solely as a primer on new wood. Bottom line, the feedback from state architects, millwork manufacturers, and tradesmen was that it worked. These people witnessed years of superior topcoat performance after CPES had been applied. This led Smith & Co. to market their Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer specifically for priming.

The reason is it’s multifunctional capabilities:

  • adhesion promoting primer
  • porosity-sealing primer
  • tannin-blocking primer
  • acidity-neutralizing primer
  • sanding-primer
  • resists long-term coating failure

Thus the new brand name MultiWoodPrime for the worlds best wood primer.

What is MultiWoodPrime?

MultiWoodPrime is a tough, flexible resin system carried into the wood by a solvent blend which dissolves the sap, oil and moisture found in wood. This resin system is derived from natural wood resin and, therefore, develops a chemical adhesive bond to the wood resin and wood fibers in the new wood. The resins from each form a bond which prevents coating adhesion failure. 

MultiMoodPrime Plasticises Wood, Preserving it, Sealing it and Making Paint Stick

Once treated with MultiWoodPrime, timber, whether new or old, has a breathable sealed outer surface. This stops the ingress of water, and protects vulnerable areas like end grain and joints, whilst allowing the wood to breathe.

Furthermore it provides a stable long lasting base for paint or varnish to stick to which makes your top coat last MUCH longer. This Doubles the life of top coats, and the underlying wood product significantly reduces the ownership cost of any exterior wood. All primers are designed to stick paint to wood, this is the worlds best wood primer because it does that best.

Low Maintenance Wooden Windows And Doors

You can have the maintenance benefits of Plastic windows or doors, with the beauty of natural wood. Wanting wooden windows, but without the onerous maintenance? Just one simple application of MultiWoodPrime at manufacture of your windows can make them competitive with UPVC.

The name MultiWoodPrime means what it says: it is a multi-functional primer, a claim meant to be taken by the user literally. MultiWoodPrime, in fact, performs the multiple functions of promoting topcoat adhesion, neutralizing wood acidity, sealing surface porosity, impregnating sub-surface porosity, blocking tannin bleed, resisting coating failure, and toughening up a soft surface so it can be lightly sanded. Clearly the worlds best wood primer.

More information

cpes primed varnish finish on restored wood

We have just published detailed instructions on how to prime and varnish properly to gain maximum durability from exterior timber. Our house sign was the subject of this restoration.

We restored it from badly aged bare wood back to the wonderful lustrous highly UV resistant specimen you see here.

See how to achieve this look, and the specific benefits of priming with CPES, here restoring our exterior wooden sign.

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