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How To Review MakeWoodGood Products and Service

This page contains simple instructions on how to review MakeWoodGood products or services.

Please do review the service or products that you have received from us. We really do try to go the extra mile to ensure you get the best products and service, and your opinions really do help others.

HINT – To keep this page open whilst opening other pages linked from here – when you click a link – use the right mouse button (not the left) and choose open link in a new tab.

This will open the new page – and keep the old page open too. See sample image below:

review makewoodgood browser tabs

The equivalent of the right click on touch screens (phones, tablets etc.) is to press and hold.

Choose What to Review

Customer Service

If you want to just review our general customer service – you do not need to be logged in.

Go to the home page (try the right click trick above) : MakeWoodGood Home

Near the bottom – Click the ‘Create your own review’ button:

review makewoodgood customer service

Review MakeWoodGood on Google

Click this link to see Googles page for MakeWoodGood

Click the ‘Write a review’ button to leave one:

review makewoodgood on google

Review MakeWoodGood Products

You must be registered and logged in to leave a makewoodgood product review. Sorry.

You can login or register here (try the right click trick above) : Login / Register

Find the Product to Review on the MakeWoodGood Site

Firstly find the product that you want to review.

If you created an account when you ordered the product you want to review – you can find the order – and select the product from it there. Use this link to see your previous orders: Your Previous MakeWoodGood Orders

If you have created an account to leave us a review – then thanks very much, we really do appreciate it.

Some popular products have their review links here:

Rotten Wood Repair Kits – Reviews

Smiths Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer – CPES Reviews

Fill-It Epoxy Filler – Reviews

Oak and Teak Epoxy Wood Glue – Reviews

Render Crack Repair Kits – Reviews

Go to the Review MakeWoodGood Product Tab

Each product page has three components

  • Product Description
  • Product MSDS (Safety data)
  • Product Reviews

You navigate to the Review Product section by moving to the top of the description, which is the bottom of the product options and quantities selection, and choosing the Reviews tab:

review makewoodgood product review section

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page – you can add your own review:

review makewoodgood product add review

Many thanks once again for taking the time to read this and to give us a review – it’s much appreciated.