Wood Hardener Penetrating Epoxy

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Smiths Epoxy Wood Hardener was designed for the harsh marine environment. You can achieve lasting repairs to exterior timber with it. Repair not replace.

Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer - CPES

Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer™ (Smiths CPES™) is a thin epoxy that will penetrate deeply into the surface of wood. It is the ultimate primer for wood to make paint or varnish stick. CPES restores strength to rotten wood and waterproofs all wood.

Clear Penetrating Epoxy Wood Hardener is a thin epoxy that penetrates deeply into rotten timber. Designed in the 70’s for restoring rotten structural timbers in boats it is now available in the UK. Use it in conjunction with our Fill-It epoxy filler to restore profiles after hardening the rotten timber.

Why Smiths Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES) is the best Wood Hardener?

There are a variety of single part wood hardeners available on the UK market. Most are made of an acrylic plastic dissolved in a solvent like styrene. Our Smiths CPES Wood hardener differs from these products in the following ways:

  • You can achieve permanent repairs
    • CPES penetrates deeply and finds all rot, including rot not visible to the naked eye
    • No more redoing the job the next year
  • External repairs that last
    • Epoxies are permanently waterproof
    • CPES will flex with the natural movement of wood
    • CPES bonds tightly and permanently to the wood fibres
  • Highly compatible with fillers, sealers and surface finishes
    • Use our Fill-It epoxy filler for best results; flexible permanent and waterproof
    • Modern caulks, hybrids and polyurethanes, bond tenaciously to it
    • It’s the perfect primer for paint and varnish too

Smiths CPES Wood hardener penetrates 8cm of new beech end grain in 3 minutes.

It can completely consolidate a section of rotten timber into a solid block of plasticised wood. I found the piece below underneath a window in my house. It was so crumbly that I could turn it to dust with my fingertips alone.

epoxy wood hardener penetrating epoxy consolidated rotted wood

rotted wood hardener penetrating epoxy

Repairing rot with Smiths CPES Timber Hardener

Here are the six steps of rotten wood restoration in pictures:

rotted wood repair six steps to restoration

  1. Typical section of rotten timber
  2. Firstly remove crumbly rotten wood by flaking it out with your fingertips
  3. Then consolidate the remaining rotten timber with Smiths CPES Penetrating Epoxy wood consolidator
  4. Now fill missing sections of timber with Fill-It epoxy wood filler
  5. Then sand to restore profiles
  6. Repeat till exterior profile is perfect

Should you wish to buy Fill-It epoxy filler as well as Smiths penetrating epoxy wood hardener, they can be purchased together as a rotten wood repair kit.

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Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer - CPES

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