Gloves – Disposable Nitrile



All epoxy resins and many everyday chemicals are capable of causing sensitisation. Skin protection should be worn at all times when handling Epoxy Resin products.

We stock and sell these Nitrile gloves, which offer a good combination of feel with strength and durability.

Packaged and sold in boxes of 100 they are invaluable in any house and are available in three sizes from us.

Keep a couple of pairs in the glove box of the car, really handy if you get a puncture or a mechanical problem.

COVID note: Gloves are both expensive and nearly impossible to get now. As such we are getting whatever nitrile gloves we can, and the brands may vary.

Nitrile Glove Sizing

To find out your glove size, wrap a measuring tape around your dominant hand just below knuckles, excluding your thumb, and make a fist. This measurement is your ‘hand width’ glove size.


  • Medium: (EU 7.5 / 8) = 8 – 9 inch hand width
  • Large: ((EU 8.5 / 9)  = 9 – 10 inch hand width
  • Extra large: (EU 9.5 / 10)  = 10 – 11 Inch hand width


  • Sensitive Skin – No latex proteins – eliminates protein sensitisation
  • Strength – Synthetic rubber offers better puncture and abrasion resistance than natural rubber or vinyl
  • Comfort – Soft elastic material feels cooler and is more comfortable and flexible to wear
  • Grip – Textured fingertips for improved grip
  • Rolled Cuff – For additional strength and prevention of liquid roll back
  • Freedom From Holes

Additional information

Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 8 cm
Glove Size

Extra large (EU 9.5 / 10 ), Large (EU 8.5 / 9 ), Medium (EU 7.5 / 8)


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