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Mortar Rake Disk 115mm

Mortar Rake Disk 115mm


A high quality mortar rake disk for a standard 4.5 inch / 115mm angle grinder. It cuts an 8mm wide trench that is ideal for use with 10mm backer rod when repairing cracks in rendered walls.

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This mortar rake disk is the ideal tool to widen a crack in render whilst repairing it. This tool is 7mm wide and cuts an 8mm wide trench ideal to firmly hold 10mm backer rod. It’s 115mm diameter and 22.2mm bore fits a standard 4.5 inch angle grinder. This mortar rake disks diamond cutting surfaces cut quickly and give a long life.

Construction and Use

The mortar rake disk is a wide version of a diamond cutting disk for an angle grinder. We recommend using a disk as it is far easier than the rotary file types of mortar rake.

This one is 7mm wide and will cut an 8mm wide slot. The resulting 8mm wide slot is ideal to hold 10mm backer rod which reduces sealant usage and keeps it off the substrate. This 8mm wide groove will comfortably accommodate 0.5 to 1mm of movement when filled with flexible sealant.

mortar rake render crack repair side view 8mm

That 8mm slot is ideal to hold 10mm backer rod whilst repairing cracks in rendered walls to hold 10mm backer rod firmly in position.

This product can be purchased on it’s own, or as part of our Render Crack Repair Kit.  This kit puts all of the components required to permanently fix your cracked rendered wall in one place, at a discount.

render crack repair kit


You should always wear eye, ear and dust protection when using an angle grinder. Inspect disks for any signs of damage before use. Replace damaged disks  following inspection and prior to use.

Rated to over 13,000 RPM this mortar rake disk is suitable for use in all domestic 4.5 inch angle grinders. As such the mortar rake disk should present no additional hazards over any other angle grinder disk.

The government HSE website offers the following guidance for the safe use of angle grinders. However some rather more practical advice for the DIY enthusiast may be found here.


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