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Glue Stirring Sticks / Glue Applicator Sticks
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Glue Stirring Sticks / Glue Applicator Sticks


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Mixing two part adhesives properly is absolutely key to their performance. These generously proportioned hardwood glue stirring sticks cost little and work effectively. They can also be used for applying adhesive in many instances, saving the cost of using a brush. Ideal for mixing our Oak and Teak Epoxy Adhesive or Layup and Laminating Adhesive.

Glue Stirring Stick Dimensions

These sticks are  approximately 150mm by 18mm (6″ by 3/4″) and are 1.5mm thick (1/16th “). They are manufactured from quality hardwoods, have rounded ends and have been sanded to a smooth finish with no splinters. They are this well made because they were of course made for your doctor to use them to depress your tongue.

Glue Stirrer Stick Alternatives

We all know that there are ‘cheaper’ alternatives to actually buying custom made stirrers, you could:

  • Visit Starbucks / McDonalds / Costa (delete as appropriate) and grab a handful of their coffee glue stirrers for your coffee. This isn’t cheaper, as anyone who has just paid £3 for a coffee will attest, though if you already have the coffee habit – you may well survive with free glue stirrers for years as I did.
  • Visit the doctors – and ask for a handful of tongue depressors. C’mon, the NHS really does have better things to do with it’s time.
  • Use Lolly sticks. Now if you have kids this is tenable. They will generate them at a reasonable rate and you will be buying them anyway. If not – think of the cost and the thigh damage. Their wasted shape is not as good for scraping glue from a flat surface, or applying it to one, but it’s commercially viable if you have kids.

Alternatively: Value your time, and buy some of these glue stirring sticks. If you buy a box you are set for a very long time.

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