Brembo Clutch Slave Cylinder Repair Kit for Aprilia and Ducati Motorcycles



A complete bit of kits to replce the regularly failing seals on a Brembo Clutch slave cylinder as fitted to Aprilia and Ducati motorcycles

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A complete  Brembo clutch slave cylinder repair kit to repair clutches fitted to Ducati and Aprilia motorcycles. The kit also includes a new pushrod seal and some silicone grease to ensure assembly goes smoothly.

The clutch cylinder looks like this:

Brembo Clutch Slave Cylinder

For full instructions on how to rebuild the clutch, read this: Repairing Brembo Clutch Slave Cylinders

We provide a small quantity of Silicon Grease to provide a total repair solution. This really eases the job of reassembly.

If you are wondering why a company called Make Wood Good is selling motorcycle parts, you are not alone and a few have asked. I (Steve) am a bit of a petrolhead, and own two Aprilias with this slave cylinder on them. They both fail regularly, so I thought that I would buy lots of the seals and resell them as a complete kit.

This makes my job much easier when one of mine needs to be changed, as they are now very easy to find.

Keep Riding your Aprilia till the parts arrive

We sell these kits all over the world, and given the vagarities of international post especially post covid I thought I woudl share how to minimise leakage so you can carry on riding till your parts arrive. I had a clutch slave fail at the start of a 2,500 mile bike trip round Portugal one year, and the following little trick kept me going for the distance with only two top ups of the reservoir.

I have taken the image below from, and marked the inlet port with the red arrow.

aprilia master cylinder schematic

This port is where all of the fluid that travels from the reservoir into the system goes through. In normal use this port is open when the clutch lever is in the fully relaxed state, and it allows fluid to travel for accomodation of wear on the clutch plates and of course bleeding of the system.

When your slave cylinder seal starts leaking, the fluid that you lose travels through this port.

The solution to minimising loss of fluid until you can replace your seal is very simple indeed: partially pulling the clutch lever (a small amount, enough to trigger the switch is more than enough) closes the inlet port, and effectively hydraulically seals the lower part of the system. This will stop the overnight gravity fed loss of fluid from the reservoir, and will allow you to travel many thousands of miles with minimal topping up.

I find a small velcro strap to be ideal to partially operate the clutch lever, but many other possible solutions will be out there. I hope this little tip helps.

Aprilia Motorcycles This Clutch Slave Cylinders Repair kit fits

As well as replacing Aprilia part number AP8106935 – it replaces the clutch pushrod seal as well. It is a complete kit for Aprilia Clutch Slave Cylinder Repair.

It fits all Generation 1 and 2 Aprilia RSV / RSV-R / Tuono / Futura and Falco models.

  • RST Futura 1000 2001-2003
  • RSV Twin 1000 1998-2008 – all variants
  • SL Falco 2000-2003
  • Tuono 1000 Twin 2002-2009 All variants
  • Caponord 2001-2007

Ducati Clutch Slave Cylinders

I believe this fits early Ducati Monster slave cylinders as well. It also apparently fits a 1998 Ducati 916.

If yours has a slave cylinder that looks like this, with a 28mm bore, then it probably fits.


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Weight .015 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 2.5 cm

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  1. Stephen Dakin

    I have used two of these on my RSVR and my Tuono. Does what it claims to, all the bits and the all important silicone grease.

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