glue injection 60ml Catheter tip syringe
Glue Injection / Handling Syringe – 50ml Catheter Tip Syringe
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Glue Injection / Handling Syringe – 50ml Catheter Tip Syringe


If you need to dispense small amounts of glues into a tight area this catheter tipped syringe is ideal for your glue injection requirements. Ideally suited to solvent free liquid adhesives, such as our Oak and Teak Epoxy Adhesive, rather than CPES which is better handled by our CPES injection syringe.

Glue Injection Syringe Information

  • 50ml Maximum Capacity (60ml while stocks last of the larger ones)
  • Retaining ring prevents accidental plunger rod withdrawal
  • Individually wrapped, single use, sterile syringes (let’s remember – these aren’t made for us)
  • Syringes are made from polypropylene, latex free elastomer and contain medical grade silicone oil lubricant (less than 0.25 mg/cm2)
  • Tested during manufacture in compliance with ISO 7886-1
  • Latex free and CE marked
  • Barrel has clear and precise markings for accurate glue injection
  • Length of tip: 4.2cm
  • Width at tip base: 1.2cm
  • Width at tip end: 0.7cm
  • Width of internal tip at end: 0.4cm

If you use these syringes with CPES the lubricants will very rapidly get dissolved by the solvents. This will make the syringe hard to use, as well as putting all of the lubricant into the CPES. The rubber seal is also prone to swelling. This may not matter for your purpose – but please be aware. Your alternative is our CPES Injection syringe, which is more suited to CPES to our minds.

With a 4mm approx bore at the end of the tip, which is 42mm long, this is a sensible glue injection mechanism for medium to high viscosity glues (such as Layup and Laminating Epoxy).

The Catheter tip is far more suited to injection into dowel holes than trying to repair joints in chairs of course. If you are a boat builder trying to re-plug a deck or similar, then this is probably ideal for your glue injection.

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